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About Us

Amkest Group was founded by Amr Mohamed Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia in 1983 as an investment vehicle for his immediate family and over the years the company has invested in a wide variety of businesses and sectors that have included landscaping, information technology, transportation, telecommunications, building materials and packaging. 


Customised Building Solutions remain one of its core activities which it manages through both its trading arm, Moghrabi Decor Services (MDS) and its gypsum powder manufacturing arm, Global Gypsum Company (3G), which today controls 17% of the Saudi market and exports to several international markets including the UAE, Jordan, India and Bangladesh.


A non-profit arm of the organisation named Qaderoon was established in 2014 with the aim of supporting the integration and employment of persons with disability in the Saudi workforce through consultancy and tailor-made workshops and projects. A project in collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Labour established the Mowaamah certification ecosystem which is in use today and which is closely linked with Saudisation programmes supporting the employment of Saudi nationals. Qaderoon is also affiliated with several like-minded organisations throughout the world and actively participates in events celebrating the many contributions of persons with disability in society.


Amkest Group also provides unique consulting services and has direct access to a wide network of key contacts in the Middle East and beyond. Its advisory services focus on setting strategic direction towards sustainable and successful conclusions by adhering to carefully designed steps agreed together with its chosen clients. In this endeavour, Amkest works closely with many local prominent family-owned businesses as well as multinational companies, helping the latter establish themselves firmly in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern corporate playing fields. 


Amkest Group is led by Amr Khashoggi, a Saudi graduate of Yale University in International Business and Finance, with more than 40 years of business experience. He is joined by the younger generation of his family as well as consultants of different faculties including finance, management, marketing, corporate structure, technology, corporate governance and business restructuring. 


To contribute impactfully towards the positive development of our country, company and community through advanced products, services and technologies. 

Modern City


To serve all stakeholder interests through sustainable investment, lasting partnerships, the empowerment of persons with disability and preservation of the environment.



  • Impact

  • Integrity

  • Ingenuity

Core Activities

  • Customising building solutions

  • Growing lasting partnerships

  • Empowering persons with disability

  • Preserving the environment through technology


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