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Building Solutions

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Global Gypsum Company

Founded in 2005 as a joint venture between LafargeHolcim, the world’s largest manufacturer of building materials, and a group of prominent Saudi investors. Its manufacturing facility located in Yanbu on the Red Sea specializes in producing quality gypsum plasters with a capacity to manufacture 300,000 tons annually for the construction and industrial sectors and the company continuously strives to meet the demands of the vibrant and growing construction market in Saudi Arabia and beyond, with exports to countries such as the UAE, Jordan, India and Bangladesh. 3G strongly promotes the latest health & safety standards and has a proactive policy towards protecting the environment and caring for the communities in which it operates. 

For more information,  please visit the  3G website  or  reach  3G  directly  at the contact information below. 



T: +966 500 6065 04

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Moghrabi Decor Services

Moghrabi Decor Services (MDS) today acts as the trading arm of Amkest Groups’ building materials activities. Established in Riyadh in 2001, MDS continues to successfully supply many small to medium-sized projects in the Riyadh area with all of their building materials needs from gypsum boards and joint compounds to a variety of tools and accessories. The dedicated team at MDS bring decades of experience in the building materials sector and are ready to serve your needs. 


For more information, please reach MDS directly at the contact information below.


T: +966 11 202 0039

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